Asking For What You Want Is Daunting

But you should do it. Too often people in the workplace, particularly women, avoid the compensation conversation for fear of alienating their bosses. My advice: be brave. Get in there. Do your due diligence first. Review salary comparables. Build your case. Then get in there.

This is the topic of my latest Forbes piece titled “Don’t Ask For What You Want. Ask For What You Deserve.” It stems from an article I read in which Kate Donovan, founder of Equal Pay Negotiations, said that 20 percent of women in the workplace have never negotiated their compensation. I found that shocking. The good news is the conversation doesn’t have to be scary. Not if you follow the six tips I lay out in the article. Try them. I’m guessing you will end up not only minding the discussion, but you will also enjoy it.

Amanda Brinkman

October 3, 2019

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