Small Business Advocate

Her love for small businesses has been a part of Amanda for as long as she can remember. From the early days of architecting her own babysitting business to convincing her college roommates to drive two hours to buy locally made ice cream to spending nearly the past decade helping 100s of small businesses level-up their marketing and businesses. Amanda deeply admires the tenacity, grit and creativity it takes to start your own venture and she is dedicated to sharing insights, support and advocacy for entrepreneurs. They are foundational to our economy and our country and vital to our neighborhoods and communities.

Small business love indeed.

Small Business Speaking

As producer and host of the Small Business Revolution series, Amanda and her team have traveled across the country for the past 8 years, working with hundreds of small businesses – from restaurants to retail, dog groomers to dojos. She’s seen it all. Running a small business is hard. But there are proven strategies that work and Amanda loves sharing those insights with entrepreneurs because she truly believes that small businesses are vital to our communities.

Small Business Revolution

Amanda created the Small Business Revolution, an Emmy-nominated small business ‘makeover show’ that streamed on HULU, Prime Video and YouTube. Every season the SBR team would work to revitalize a different community’s Main Street, through its small businesses. Each episode was about a small business – including a recording studio, a pizza place, a bridal shop, and a thrift store. Her vision from the beginning was to create more than a TV Show but to create a movement. To inspire people to understand the importance of supporting small businesses.

Small Business, Big Heart

When the pandemic hit, everyone recognized how disproportionately the crisis was affecting small businesses. In spite of this, it was remarkable to see business owners across the country who were creating hope through their generosity amidst the uncertain times. Amanda and her team quickly hatched a plan – to create an online series sharing these stories of how small business owners pivoted their business model while simultaneously paying it forward. The series was called Small Business, Big Heart and the goal was to provide inspiration and insights to the community during an especially challenging time.

Cleveland Hustles

For CNBC’s hit show Cleveland Hustles, NBA legend LeBron James gave aspiring entrepreneurs a chance to realize their dreams. The show enlisted Amanda to guest star in the series and provide her expertise to those lucky small business owners.

Small Talks

Small Business owners encounter new challenges every day. So Amanda hit the road to seek out answers to entrepreneurs’ most pressing questions. She went straight to the source by interviewing other small business owners who have overcome the same obstacles and the experts who have helped them succeed.

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Marketing Minutes

Amanda and her team created a series of videos for small business owners, packed with tips and tricks to help run and grow their business. Each video features never-before-seen footage from the Small Business Revolution. 

Behind the Business

In addition to co-starring alongside Shark Tank’s Robert Herjavec in the Small Business Revolution – Main Street series, Amanda and her team also worked directly with the businesses that Herjavec invested in on Shark Tank. See how they helped these small businesses thrive.