Take Inspiration From My “Small Talks” Interview With Kevin Diedrich Of Pacific Cocktail Haven

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Kevin Diedrich, the general manager of the nationally renowned Pacific Cocktail Haven in San Francisco. He didn’t start out in the hospitality industry. He was an IT guy for five years but didn’t like it. So he spent $300 on bartending school to become a mixologist. Not that success came right away. Far from it. He spent years working in hotel chains to learn the trade. He discovered that the best way to learn a new profession is to find the best people you can and absorb everything. That’s what he did. This is what gave him the confidence to open his own establishment in 2016. Pacific Cocktail Haven today is one of the most popular watering holes in one of the most sophisticated cities in the world.

Watch my interview with Diedrich here. He will make you convinced your dreams of a career transition can come true.

Amanda Brinkman

August 5, 2019

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