The One Where I Learn To Play The Ukulele

When I walked into Quattlebaum Music in Searcy, Arkansas, I had one thought: I want to play one of these beautiful instruments. And much to my delight, owner Greg Geroy was happy to oblige. I’m not about to give Taylor Swift a run for her money but I did learn how to strum a few chords. And I did learn how Geroy and his team have thrived as a small business for more than 45 years: by treating its staff and customers as family. That’s been Geroy’s approach throughout his career, going back to when he started out in fast-food management. I had such a fun time visiting with him in his inspiring shop and am grateful he indulged in my rock star fantasies. In fact, in our interview, he was the rock star.

Amanda Brinkman

September 16, 2019

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