In Defense Of Daydreaming

I know what it’s like to be super-busy. There’s an adrenaline to it. A satisfaction. But I also believe in spending time at work day-dreaming. Yes, day-dreaming. It may seem like gratuitous non-busy time. But trust me, it’s actually extremely productive. Letting yourself dream about the possibilities of tomorrow can help you find insights that you can implement today.

I lay out some tips on how to structure dreaming time into your work life in my latest Forbes article. Don’t worry. You don’t have to go to the top of a mountain or go on a retreat to do it. You can start it by just shutting off notifications and closing your door, or going for a walk.

Try it. It not only feels good but it may be able to help you lead your organization to new vistas. Go ahead. Float away for a bit. Happy traveling!

Amanda Brinkman

August 29, 2019

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