Why non-profit board service could pay off big in your career

Endless to-do lists. Relentless notifications. Phone blowing up. It seems like everyone today is crazy busy. Who has time for non-profit board service?

As outlined in my latest Forbes article, I would suggest that you do, even though you might not think it’s doable. The reason: the right role won’t feel like a sacrifice of time; it will feel like an investment in your career. You will learn how to do things and sharpen skills that can help you advance in your job, such as manage budgets and advise leadership. Those are good skills to have. And you will do some good along the way.

I’ve been honored to serve on the boards of many remarkable organizations, including my ongoing work with the Children’s Cancer Research Fund and Make-A-Wish. What I’ve received in exchange for my time has been invaluable, in practical and personal ways. In fact, it has helped inform my “Do Well By Doing Good” philosophy, which guides everything I do.

I feel so strongly about the win-win nature of non-profit board service that I wrote an article about it for Forbes. Take a look and think about where you can provide value in your community. I’m guessing once you dip your toe in you will be in for good, and it will feel great.

Amanda Brinkman

May 29, 2019

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