That Time I Gave a TEDx Talk

How many billions of dollars are spent each year on marketing? And what if the companies spending those dollars began thinking differently – focusing not just on selling products, but on taking true “brand action” that improves the lives of their customers, and their communities?
As previously discussed on this blog, I’m a steadfast believer that all companies can “Do Well By Doing Good.” So when I was approached to give a TEDx Talk on the topic, I was excited to use this platform to not only share this personal philosophy with new audiences, but to provide concrete examples of how I’ve put my thesis to the test and seen remarkable results.
You can view the full TEDx Talk below. My hope is that my story will not only resonate with you, but that companies everywhere can follow these few simple steps to start Doing Well By Doing Good today.

Amanda Brinkman

March 29, 2018

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