We Can All Do Well by Doing Good

Hello! Amanda Brinkman here, with my very first blog post from my very own website (insert giddy exclamation here). So fun.

When I sat down to draft my first blog post, I began (checking my email and social media a million times before halting the procrastination and finally hunkering down to write this and then…) by looking back on the career milestones that led to this point. Everything from my experience working on a top ad campaign of the 21st century, to my current task of transforming a century-old company – sparking a revolution and creating a hit series on Hulu along the way.

But the purpose of this platform is not to bore you with biographical details. (That’s what LinkedIn is for.) Instead, I want to share how my experience working with some of the world’s biggest brands has shaped my steadfast belief that companies can “Do Well by Doing Good” – making a real impact on their communities, while bolstering their bottom lines.

And I want to help companies everywhere find ways to do the same.

To be clear: I’m not talking about cutting checks to charities. If you need a primer on corporate philanthropy or how to make tax-deductible contributions via your community foundation, there are plenty of resources available.

Of course, I believe “giving back” is important – but today, that’s table stakes. And in the modern era, there’s no shortage of messaging about “doing good”: Almost every company talks about its triple bottom line, and “brand purpose” is becoming another watered-down buzzword.

Fortunately, there are truly innovative companies that are taking real action. Not “volunteer for a day” action. Not “tug at the heartstrings TV commercial” action. Action action. They’re abandoning “ad campaigns” in favor of creating cultural movements. They’re instigating real, sustainable change. And they’re using their for-profit operations to better the world around them, while growing their business in the process.

You can learn a bit more about my “Doing Well by Doing Good” philosophy here, and I encourage you to peruse this new website to see some of my past work, highlights from speaking engagements, and some of the national media coverage surrounding my work.

And if these topics interest you, please follow along with me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn for notifications on new blog posts. Also, pictures of my adorable dog. This blog will feature everything from Q&As with brand leaders who are on the forefront of this movement, to tips about how you can “Do Well by Doing Good,” to notifications about upcoming speaking engagements where you can learn more firsthand.

Amanda Brinkman

November 9, 2017

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