Listen and Learn: 6 Tips to Master Social Media Listening

There’s a fallacy about social media marketing: it’s that the primary goal should be making viral content that gets shared all over the world. Sure, that would be nice. We all want tons of eyeballs on our brand. But no one consistently delivers viral content, and I don’t even think that should be your top priority. It drives me nuts when marketers say they want to create the next [insert the latest, fleeting YouTube craze].

Your main objective should be listening to your consumers. Getting to know them better. It doesn’t cost you anything to listen, and the insights you gather are invaluable.

I lay out my favorite strategies to unlock the real value of social media in my latest piece for Forbes, which you can read here. In the end, marketers can treat social media like a consumer survey that never ends. The insights are out there waiting for you. Go find them. And happy listening!

Amanda Brinkman

December 26, 2018

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